Docente do ISMAT publica em Revista Científica WORK

Patrícia Araújo viu o seu artigo publicado em revista internacional.

Patrícia Araújo, Docente de Gestão de Recursos Humanos do ISMAT, viu o seu artigo científico publicado na Revista Científica WORK: A Journal of Prevention, Assessment & Rehabilitation.

O Consumo alimentar, atividade física e qualidade de vida entre crianças e jovens

Background: The health-related quality of life construct (QoL) implies a relationship with eating habits (EA) and physical activity (PA). Sociodemographic and anthropometric variables (gender, age and Body Mass Index - BMI) are highlighted in the definition of healthy lifestyle habits promotion strategies.

Objective: We aim to characterize and relate PA, EA and QoL in children/youth and explore gender, age and BMI influences. METHODS:It is a non-experimental study, with 337 children/youth, ages between 8 and 17 years (12.61±2.96), mostly from the rural inland of Portugal. In data collection we used a sociodemographic and anthropometric questionnaire, a weekly register table of EA and Kid-Kindl (QoL). Statistical analysis (p < 0.05) were performed in SPSS-IBM 25. RESULTS: Lower BMI was associated with better EA (p < 0.001), PA (p < 0.05) and self-esteem (p < 0.01) and worse scores on family subscale of QoL. Female showed higher fruit intake (p < 0.05). The older has shown better results. PA is positively correlated with QoL (p < 0.01) and EA (p < 0.05).

Conclusions: It is important to explore other relevant social and family dimensions, to promote intervention programs with parents, school and community, as well as healthy practices policies. The intervention in these age groups is critical for a longer-term impact in improving healthy life habits.

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